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Cimaware: Advanced Office Repair tool

Cimaware Software develops and provides Advanced Office repair solutions, producing leading edge utilities and quality technical support. Our software has been given the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Cimaware Software has sold its Software in over 100 countries and to many of the largest businesses in the world.

ExcelFIX and AccessFIX are the first commercial utilities to come out of our labs. As a recovery tool for corrupt Microsoft® Excel files ExcelFIX has proven to be the best in the market. The enormous success of ExcelFIX has inspired us to create other advanced Office repair Software solutions for every day computer users.  OutlookFIX is the best Outlook repair and undelete tool in the market.

OfficeFIX is an advanced set of tools that include all four Office recovery solutions in one.

Cimaware Software provides quality technical support and continuos updates of all products in order to insure our customers receive the best utilities. Updates are free for registered users.

Cimaware Software was founded in 1998 as a Software development and distribution company although it has been in business since 1985, oriented towards the Engineering field, specialized in the development of Micro-controlled systems offering full solutions including hardware, firmware, and PC software.



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