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The new OutlookFIX can be purchased with OfficeFIX as part of the Office recovery Suite.
this new utility can repair and restore corrupt Outlook files, undelete files that have been erased, and can reduce the size of your Outlook by splitting it into several smaller files, solving the 2Gb size problem. This is the only Outlook repair and undelete program that restores tasks, calendars, and post-its.

OutlookFIX is a Microsoft® Outlook repair and Email undelete software download designed to recover damaged PST Outlook Email files that can't be accessed as well as undelete erased elements in Outlook and reduce its size. The recovery process is performed easily in your own computer.

MS Outlook files have the following extension: .PST. The address book, all email messages, your calendar, memos, attachments, and the rest of your data resides in that file.

In order to restore your information the .PST file must be repaired. OutlookFIX will recover the information into a new .pst file that will allow your outlook program to function properly again.

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