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Cimaware Software Releases OutlookFIX an Outlook Repair Software

MADRID, Spain, November 16th, 2005 -- Cimaware Software ( www.cimaware.com ) released today OutlookFIX, a new Software application designed to repair Microsoft Outlook files. OutlookFIX can restore damaged Outlook PST files, undelete emails and files that have been deleted by the user or by a system error, and allows the user to reduce an Outlook PST file size by splitting it into several smaller ones, solving the common 2Gb size problem in Outlook. This file splitting feature also allows burning one Outlook PST file onto several CDs. OutlookFIX is the only Outlook recovery Software in the market that restores Outlook tasks, calendars, and post-its.

OutlookFIX can be purchased separately or together with OfficeFIX, which includes AccessFIX, an Access recovery program, ExcelFIX, for Excel file repair, and WordFIX that restores Word documents.

"OutlookFIX is our newest an maybe the most versatile of our products. We have put a lot of energy into creating the definite solution for Outlook problems" said Sergio Nadal, Cimaware Software Project Engineer.

Founded in 1985, Spain-based Cimaware Software has oriented its efforts towards the Microsoft Office recovery market since 1998. The organization has been successful in helping companies recover their valuable data in a number of industries. Their customers include Microsoft, Sony Pictures, General Motors, and Continental Airlines.

Cimaware Software continues to grow creating new Software applications. Future projects include backup programs, and Web Site applications.

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