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:: AccessFIX New Access recovery software for damaged data base recovery. 
:: Excel file repair tool data recovery utility for MS® Excel file corruption.
:: Access database repair recovery service for Access files.
:: Excel file recovery file recovery utility for MS® Excel files.
:: Outlook repair Outlook fix for the recovery of damaged Outlook email files.
:: Windmill Software free software to route data from serial instruments into Excel. Instruments include GPS, sonar, gas analysers, pH transmitters and electronic balances.
:: Synkronizer is a powerful and user friendly Excel tool, that compares and synchronizes Excel sheets and Excel data bases. Synkronizer performs the following functions mark deviations, create a deviation report or create a new sheet / data base. Synkronizer improves the working conditions, helps to safe time and speeds up data processing. It's an invaluable Excel add-on for both professional and regular Excel users in daily handling.
:: XYFIT a MS® EXCEL ADD ON for data evaluation, trend analysis, fittings,regressions, statistics, table comparison, organization and more useful utilities.
:: Drillingsoftware offers a complete package of software for drilling,workover consultants and rig supervisors for Excel applications using hi-resolution graphics.
:: Grab It! graph digitizing software for Microsoft® Excel. Fast and accurate digitizing software that replaces traditional hardware digitizing tablets. Includes log and linear support &many more specialized features. Download a free demo now!
:: Analyse-it! statistical analysis software for Microsoft® Excel Accurate - low cost - statistical software integrated into Microsoft® Excel. Includes multiple linear regression analysis, anova, chi-square& many more procedures. Download a free 30-day evaluation.
:: Serman Computer lider español en recuperación de datos / Spanish leader in data recovery.
:: Mobile application testing EffectiveSoft QA department provides the most updated, efficient and practical methods of testing for the world of mobile. We do mobile application testing across different platforms (Symbian, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc) .
:: Art Photos and Free Pictures Discover our art photos and download them as free pictures.
:: My Tech support A remote computer help desk service.
:: Mantenimiento informático lider español en mantenimiento informático.
:: Microsoft® Excel Home Page Microsoft® Excel home page.
:: 401kXtra Retirement Investment Software A dedicated program written specifically for the retirement investor. This free software is completely customizable for any retirement savings plan.
:: Custom Website Design Phalanx Infotech offers professional web solution services like custom website design, redesigning, website development, web hosting and maintenance. We also provide a wide range of affordable SEO services with cost effective packages.
:: Top Richerche
:: Noël's Home Page The author is a freelance software engineer who develops many popular freeware and shareware: DynSite, an advanced IP updater, many networking programs (UPnP Tester, SNMP Tester, Router Tester, etc.), a customized version of AMCap, and many others (CopyLock, Motion Detection, Universal Converter, MediaChecker, etc.) He also publishes many papers about NetMeeting, webcam and streaming.
:: 1CT
:: Georgiy Mogelashvili Microsoft Azure MVP blog about cloud, technology and other things.
:: Import, Export, and Remove multiple images in Excel at once Picture Manager for Excel assists in inserting multiple images (automatically sized to fit cells) into single or multiple Excel spreadsheets, as well as the option for quick exportation and removal of all photos at once.

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