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Why OfficeFIX?
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OfficeFIX a Cimaware Software product

Why OfficeFIX?

Why OfficeFIX

Why Choose  
OfficeFIX File Recovery Tool?


Perform file recovery functions for damaged Office files made in Access, Excel, Word or Outlook.

OfficeFIX will recreate a damage file, recovering not only the document but also the many hours of work invested in it.


Avoid recreating the entire file by hand.

Don't waste your time, work, and money searching for, and retyping your data. OfficeFIX does the work for you, with as many documents as you want.


Confidential documents remain safely in your computer.

OfficeFIX’s major added value over any recovery service is that the recovery is performed in your computer without having to send it out to third parties. 


You choose when to perform the file recovery.

Don’t depend on third party time restrictions, quick recovery over charges, and office hours. 


Easy download and installation.

OfficeFIX can be installed and registered in only a few minutes from the moment you decide to purchase it. Purchasing OfficeFIX is easy and safe through the secure Online server. Registration codes are sent via Email automatically after the purchasing process. Being a download, OfficeFIX avoids the time loss of mailing a CD.


Easy to use: A file recovery tool for the novice user as well as the expert.

OfficeFIX is extremely easy to use. The user interface as well as its features have been designed with the novice user in mind. Simply select the damaged file, recover it, and save it into a new recovered document. 


Free technical support.

Take advantage of free technical support via Email and phone. The support team at Cimaware Software will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. We do not charge for technical support, this is an added value to all customers.


Integration with Cimaware Software’s Office recovery Suite.

Cimaware Software has become a leader in Office file recovery products. Existing products, as well as future releases can be easily integrated in our complete Office recovery solution.


Free updates and new releases.

Cimaware Software continuously updates its products to include new features, correct possible bugs, and increase performance. We do not charge for updates of our utilities, allowing you to always have the most updated release.


You are your own file recovery department for future problems.

Having OfficeFIX installed in your computer saves you time and expenses in the future. Any unwanted corruption of a Word, Access, or Excel file will be easily solved. 

:: The most prestigious corporations worldwide use our products. The list includes Microsoft®, UPS, General Motors and many others.

OFFICEFIX: file recovery free download.

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